Birch Boys Chaga Lotion

Product image 1Upright view of Birch Boys Chaga lotion in a bottle with black push spout.
Product image 2Upright view of the back label on the Chaga Lotion bottle. White type on black label next to a diagonal birch branch

Regular price $21.99

When Garrett Kopp was a high schooler in Tupper Lake, he got hooked on chaga after accidentally quaffing a tall glass of the mushroom tea in his grandmother’s fridge. Since then, his company has not only launched a line of its own chaga teas, but also a line of skin-care products, like this vitamin-rich lotion. Fragranced with essential oils and containing natural moisturizers, chaga skin cream helps keeps your skin youthful and soft. 

 8.4 ozs. 

Scented with lavender and patchouli. Includes aloe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax 

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