Farmer's Market Quilt from Cabin Creek Stitchery

Product image 1Square fabric quilt with various patterns framing images of jarred jams, potted plants, fruits and vegetables, pies and letters FARMER'S MARKET above 3 tomatoes.
Product image 2Back of Farmer's Market quilt with pastoral barn, cows, pigs, flowers and chickens depicted.
Product image 3Back of quilt with flowers, part of cow and red barn displayed with the front of the quilt folded over to reveal two ears of corn and the letters MER and RKE
Product image 4Close  up of part of the front of the quilt with two strawberries, three ears of corn, part of a vase with flowers, part of the two pies and the 3 tomatoes with the lettering FARMERS' MARKET above them.

Regular price $400.00

This one-of-a-kind quilt is machine pieced and appliqued with more than 80 different quilt store quality cotton fabrics, including The Warm Company cotton batting and Superior thread. 

Custom, free motion, long-arm quilting techniques were used to enhance the individual blocks of applique and outer border.

The quilt measures 48" x 48" and makes a wonderfully bright and cheery wall hanging. A creation of Adirondack artist Dawn Klotzko.

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