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Balsam-Filled Decorative Pillows

Product image 1Three balsam pillows grouped together on a white background. Centered in the back is the pine cone and needle larger balsam pillow. Front left is a small, pale beige pillow with 3 birds perching individually on branches. Green leaves and red berries also decorate the pillow front. Front right small pillow features a full red fox and smaller pieces of two other foxes. The background is blue with green leaves and stems, gold and light blue flowers and white and light blue forest imagery.
Product image 2Brown pine cones and green needles decorate this off-white cover of a balsam-filled pillow.
Product image 3Solid beige back of the pine cone balsam pillow
Product image 4An off-white pillow cover with birds, berries, branches and leaves featured. The top bird is red with a yellow beak, the next one down on the right is more of a purple with a pale belly and orange beak, part of a red bird can be seen on the bottom left corner.
Product image 5Solid red back of birds and berries pillow.
Product image 6Blue pillow cover features a full standing red fox behind a thin blue tree with a sitting fox in the upper right corner showing off its white chest. A small fox head peaks out from the bottom left corner. Green leaves, gold and blue flowers and white and pale blue forest-like imagery.
Product image 7Solid light blue back of red fox pillow.

Regular price $20.99

These fragrant little pillows are lovely to look at and the scent of balsam is evocative of holiday times and crackling fireplaces. Handcrafted at Moody Farms, a family operated balsam fir tree farm in the Adirondacks. 

Pillows are available in two sizes and several designs.

Balsam Small: Red Fox Pillow and Bird & Berry Pillow each measure approx. 5.5"

Balsam Larger Pine Cone pillow measures approx. 6.25" x 7.25"

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