Maple Syrup Warmer

Product image 1Maple syrup in maple leaf glass bottle with gold top on a wooden table left of a white-speckled mini ceramic pitcher for maple syrup warming sitting atop a matching white-speckled tea candle holder with lit tea candle inside.
Product image 2Blue-speckled ceramic tea candle holder with tea candle inside sitting to the left of matching mini ceramic pitcher for holding maple syrup.
Product image 3Blue-speckled ceramic mini pitcher on its side revealing unglazed bottom of pitcher
Product image 4Blue-speckled ceramic stand for syrup warmer pitcher. Tealight candle peeping through the top hole, four small holes on one side and one large hole on the back side of the stand
Product image 5Blue-speckled ceramic maple syrup pitcher and candle stand with tea light inside on left; maple-leaf shaped bottle full of maple syrup on right.
Product image 6Maple Syrup Warmer
Product image 7Maple Syrup Warmer

Regular price $44.95

Local ceramic artist Sue Young has created a special way to enjoy your maple syrup.  This handmade little pitcher and its matching stand are the perfect and pure way to warm your maple syrup and keep it warm while the pancakes are cooking or cooling on your plate. When the syrup is cold out of the refrigerator, just pour it in this little pitcher, light the candle underneath and it will thin out in the warmer so you will use even less per serving.

Pitcher 4" tall, bottom diameter 3.25"

Warming base 2.5" high; 3.5" diameter

Available in Blue Glaze and Green Glaze

Syrups sold separately.

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