Hand-Carved Heirloom Ornaments

Product image 1Hand-Carved Heirloom Ornaments
Product image 2Horizontally oriented red cardinal carving with yellow beak, black eye and black in facial  and neck area and some black outline to the wings. Hanging from twine and set in green branches.
Product image 3Vertically oriented red cardinal carving turned full face out. Pale yellow beak with black eyes and black in the facial  and neck area also black outlining in wing features., hanging from twine in greenery
Product image 4Cedar waxwing carving with left side facing out. Muted yellows and beige coloring, carving strokes can be seen on breast and wings. Hanging on twin amidst green branches.
Product image 5Red-breasted grosbeak carving with left side facing out. Yellow beak, black upper body with white detail on the back wings. Red and white breast and bottom area of bird. Carving strokes can be easily scene in the white area underneath. Handing from twine amidst green branches.
Product image 6Natural-colored butternut moose handing from twine with left side facing out. Thin carved smiling mouth can be seen along with one black eye. Set amidst green branches.
Product image 7Natural-colored butternut hummingbird carving seen in profile from the right side set in green branches. Beak is seen in part and the small circle for the left eye, wings and tail also in profile.
Product image 8Hand-Carved Heirloom Ornaments
Product image 9Hand-Carved Heirloom Ornaments

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Adirondack woodcarver Mark Paul of Mountain Farm Studios has created these singularly detailed ornaments that capture the character of the birds and animals that they represent. Beautifully carved and meticulously painted, the cardinals, chickadee, grosbeak, hummingbird and waxwing could be the real thing perching in your own tree. The butternut moose and unpainted hummingbird remain natural but the careful carving adds to the mood and character of the ornaments.

Ornaments measure approximately 4" x 2.25" and will set or hang comfortably from tree branches. The hummingbird twine hanger comes separate in the box.

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