Balsam Pillows

Product image 1Three small balsam square pillows front to back: Red berries, branches and birds on a cream background; Loons and cattails in water scene blue and white background; evergreen branches with brown pine cones on a white background
Product image 2One small square balsam pillow with loons and cattails on a white and blue backdrop
Product image 3Small square balsam pillow with red berries, branches, red cardinal, yellow finch on a cream background
Product image 4One small square balsam pillow with evergreen branches with pine cones on a white backdrop

Regular price $17.99

These fragrant pillows are lovely to look at and the scent of balsam is evocative of holiday times and crackling fireplaces. Handcrafted at Moody Farms, a family operated balsam fir tree farm in the Adirondacks. 

Pillows are available in two sizes and several designs.

Balsam Small: Loon Pillow and Bird & Berry Pillow each measure approx. 6"

Balsam Larger Pine Cone pillow measures approx. 7.5"

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