One-of-a-Kind Baby Quilt

Product image 1One-of-a-Kind Baby Quilt
Product image 2The back of the quilt which is all watermelon cut up on a blue background. The colors of the watermelon are the green (shaded) outer shell and the pink inside with black seeds.
Product image 3Close up of the square sections of the front side of the quilt. Left side top is the full-color Country Goodness farm collage section; below that is a square of green cabbage heads on a dark green background; top right is the lime-green swirl pattern and below are the red apples.
Product image 4Front of the quilt with the back flipped over part-way to reveal the watermelon pattern.

Regular price $90.00

A perfect baby shower gift that is sure to be unique.

This colorful quilt uses a bento box pattern and is made with quality cotton farm-theme fabrics that include images of apples, lettuce, sprouts and animals. The Warm Company cotton batting makes this quilt machine washable, cuddly and warm so it can really be used as a car covering, a crib quilt or even a floor play mat for baby.

The backing fabric is a watermelon print on a blue background. The quilt is finished using Superior thread with long-arm quilt stitching in a playful, spiral design. 

A creation of Adirondack artist Dawn Klotzko.

Measures 36" x 40" 

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