Grandma's PlayList

Product image 1Cover of Grandma's Play List book. Clear spiral binding on left book cover pale aqua with scissors, dice , paper airplane lady bug and heart illustrated on top of collage of sorts with black circle underneath in middle.
Product image 2Open spread of Grandma's Play List book. Left side illustrates DIY Finger Paints with text on bottom and colorful photo on top. Right side top features a photo of homemade watercolors in a green palette with a paper and example of the watercolors being applied to it. Instructions for homemade watercolors on the bottom portion of the page.
Product image 3Grandma's PlayList

Regular price $14.90

This spiralbound book offers oodles of memory-making activities for guaranteed fun at Grandma's or for anyone who wants to keep the young ones busy and creative.

Decipher secret codes, construct fairy gardens, make sock gnomes or a sea-worthy pirate ship. Play card games, make watercolor paints and so much more. You are only limited by your own imagination.

64 pages. 8" x 5.75"

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