Buying underwear, and the store, in Saranac Lake – Watertown Daily Times

The residents of Saranac Lake are a hardy lot — they have to be to withstand winter temperatures that can drop to 30 ...

Owens Adds to Community Store Accolades – No Country Public Radio

The first-community owned department store in the state offers basic goods - everything from underwear to bedsheets –...

A Town Creates Its Own Department Store – NY Times Sunday Edition

THE residents of Saranac Lake, a picturesque town in the Adirondacks, are a hardy lot — they have to be to withstand ...

Saranac Lake Residents Grow Their Own Community Store – Times Union

Residents of Saranac Lake needed a place to buy underwear. The availability of that retail item -- along with other m...

Storefronts: One Community Store Dies, Another Opens – Times Union

But despite the setback in Troy, supporters of community supported retail have a new reason to cheer: The state’s fir...

The Community Store in Saranac Lake Opens – Plattsburgh Press Republican

After five years of raising capital, the Community Store opens for shoppers today. A summer's worth of renovations ma...

Community Store Opens in Saranac Lake – Denton Publications

The Community Store opened its doors at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 29, ending a nine-year department store drought in this...
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