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Adk 46er Bandana

Product image 1Orange bandana with black mountain range and hiker silhouetted with white and yellow type listing mountains and elevations.  Folded as a rectangle with packaging label on top.
Product image 2Inset of orange bandana with black mountain range, hiker, and ADIRONDACKS 46  silhouetted with HIGH PEAK MOUNTAINS in pale yellow type below. Above in the orange background are white and yellow type listings of mountains and elevations.
Product image 3Rectangular folded bandana from the reverse side with the label on the bottom. Depicted are the listings of Mountains and their elevations on the orange backdrop.

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Wear your 46er accomplishment proudly or wear the bandana to inspire you or others to climb higher.

The names and elevations of the 46 high peaks counted among the tallest in the Adirondacks are boldly displayed on either an orange or black background. The bandana also pinpoints the peaks geographically in their overall local.

100% cotton.

20" x 20"

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