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6er Necklace from Nancy Neill

Product image 1A copper circle independently surrounds a gold and silver outlined oval with 6er black type on white background. Attached to the copper circle  are 3 charms: a  sun coming out of a mountain, all silver metallic; a gold fir tree; a green-speckled stone ball with a gold circle on the bottom. A small part of the black  necklace cord appears at the top.
Product image 2Full 6er  necklace on a brown cord on a black backdrop.

Regular price $24.99

Only those in the know will understand the significance of the 6er necklace. If you count yourself among those you may want to wear the achievement for all to see.

This necklace displays 6er black type on an oval white background and includes 3 charms: a fir tree, a painted stone and a mountaintop with a sun bursting above.

18-inch cloth chain with a metal clasp.

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