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Adirondack Stickers

Product image 1Three stickers fanned out on their packaging cards. Each is oval. Furthest left is black and white with ADK in black lettering with the A looking like an evergreen and a climber on the K. Middle sticker says TAKE A HIKE in white with green outline surrounded by mountains and evergreens and beige hiking boots below the lettering on top of a green swath. Furthest right is a buffalo plaid oval sticker with ADK in white type with the A looking like an evergreen.
Product image 2Buffalo plaid oval sticker in its card pacaking. White type in center ADK with the A shaped like an evergreen.
Product image 3Black and white oval sticker on its card packaing. White oval with black type: ADK with the A shaped like an evergreen and a climber hanging from the K.
Product image 4Oval TAKE A HIKE sticker on its card pacaking. The type is white with a green outline centered in a background of pale pastel mountains and dark green evergreens. A pair of beige hiking boots sits center under the type on top of a green puddle.

Regular price $2.49

Fun and distinguished oval stickers that show your love of the Adirondacks.

Three styles to choose from: ADK letters with climber in black and white; ADK letters in white on a buffalo plaid background; white TAKE A HIKE letters outlined in green with various shades of green mountain and tree landscape and hiking boots placed under the lettering.

Each oval measures 6" x 4".

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