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Adirondacks Camper Mugs

Product image 1Two mugs with ADIRONDACKS lettered on the top. Mug on the left is turqoise blue with the solid-colored handle on the left side and the front image snow-capped mountains, evergreens, blue tent with a campfire and camper van in the foreground. The mug on the right is off-white with the handle on the right. The image in front is a sunset in the background. Evergreens and water in the mid-section and a red tent, campfire and greenery in the foreground.
Product image 2Two mugs with both handles on the left side. Both mugs have the same center image: snow-capped mountains, blue tent, campfire and camper van. The turquoise-blue mug on the left has the word ADIRONDACKS in white above the image. The off-white mug on the right has the word ADIRONDACKS in a dark color (either black or dark green) printed above the image.
Product image 3A single off-white mug with the handle to the left. The word ADIRONDACS printed in black or dark green above the image of snow-capped mountains, evergreens and blue tent, campfire and camper van.
Product image 4A single turquoise mug with the handle out to the right. The word ADIRONDACKS is printed in white over the image of a setting sun in the back ground with evergreens and water in the mid-section and a red tent, campfire and greenery in the foreground.

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Any way you hold them, you get the picture--a colorful Adirondack camping scene.

Two different images: one of a tent and campfire in front of water and forest--if you hold the handle in your right hand; and one of a camper pulled up closes to the fire, with the tent to the left and snow-capped mountains in the background if you hold the handle with your left. 

Availabe with in blue and off-white.

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