Adirondack Soy Candle

Product image 1Top to bottom--silver candle tin atop 3 pieces of birch; open candle tin with lit candle atop a sprig of evergreen
Product image 2close up of cozy home candle open with top tin lid  leaning on the top of the candle
Product image 3Three candle tins. Two closed 4 ounce candles in the background, one open tin standing head on with wick pointing forward
Product image 4One off-white colored soy candle open in tin base standing upright with wick pointing up
Product image 5One closed 6-ounce tin of Cozy Home soy candle
Product image 6One closed 4-ounce tin of Adirondack Trail soy candle
Product image 7Close up on top of tin cover of 6-ounce Adirondack Trail soy candle.
Product image 8Close up of top of tin cover of 4-ounce Lakehouse soy candle
Product image 9Close up of top of tin cover of 6-ounce Lakehouse soy candle

Regular price $9.99

100% hand-poured soy candle, 4 oz. 2" X 2.75"; 6 oz. 2" x 3.25"

Adirondack Trail Scent--timberland pine mixed with hints of earthy forest floor, sweetgrass and green dewy fauna.

Cozy Home Scent--conjures up a home full of warmth--whiffs of housewarming spices with burst of fresh apple.

Lakehouse Scent--a whiff of this will transport you to the shore of your favorite body of water.

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