Animal Countertop Drying Mats

Product image 1Animal Countertop Drying Mats side by side in their packaging. White-and-black dog art on a beige background on the left side. On right side Cat mat with white cat with black polka dots.
Product image 2Cat Countertop mat in packaging the pattern showing is  a white cat with black polka dots and a small boned fish on a gray background.
Product image 3White-and-black dog art on a beige background in its Countertop Drying Mat packaging. Pattern showing includes a black-and-white butterfly, a white bone and an aqua and white checkered bandana on two of the dogs.

Regular price $7.00

A fun and decorative solution for air drying dishes and stemware.

A super absorbent microfiber cushioned with a foam lining allows items to dry without making a mess on the counter. What's more the mats are machine washable. 

One mat measures 16" x 20"and is foldable and easy to store.

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