Balance the Baker

Product image 1Blue and white box stands upright with Balance the Baker in blue typo next to and above a photo of the rounded baker holding tiny wooden pies and plates surrounded and 3 sets of wooden baked goods positioned around round baker bottom.
Product image 2Fingers carefully holding tiny wooden loaf of bread aiming for the bakers pile on the left. The white-wooden rounded baker is centered on a wooden table with various tiny wooden baked goods surrounding him and another set of fingers holding a tiny wooden pie coming from the right.

Regular price $16.99

Take turns piling on the pastries but make sure the Baker doesn't drop it all! The set includes one wooden baker, six pie pieces, 4 cake pieces and 3croissant pieces.

 A fun stacking game for one or more people.  The steadiest stacker wins.

For ages 3 and up.

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