Birch Boys Wild Reishi Tea Bags

Product image 1Red box of Birch Boys Wild Reishi Tea standing upright in front of a birch log.
Product image 2Three boxes of Birch Boys tea: Red box on top: WIld Reishi Tea, white box on bottom left, Maple Chaga Tea; black box to the right is Wild Chaga. Two teabags in front of the black box

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Mushroom lovers offer a host of reasons for drinking this tea, made from reishi mushrooms wild-harvested in the Adirondacks: Traditionally seen as an immune booster, some also say it reduces stress, focuses the mind and even combats allergies. We drink this caffeine-free brew, which also includes organic rose hips, to unwind after a long day and before heading to sleep. Started in 2017 by Tupper Lake resident Garrett Kopp when he was still in high school, Birch Boys is a local company we’re excited to keep an eye on. 

 16 bags 


Consult with a medical doctor before use, especially if nursing, pregnant, taking medication or if you have a pre-existing condition. 

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