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Blank Nature Note Cards

Product image 17 boxes of nature notecards displayed together in their clear packaging. All cards are cream colored: top left birds, dragonfly, cardinals over loons, owl and squirrel with a box featuring a moose and calf in the center bottom
Product image 24 varieties of cream-colored notecards in their clear packaging. Left-top sunflower center of vertical card; top middle two daffodils in vertical center of card; top right frog in vertical center of card. Bottom center Turtle in horizontal center of card.
Product image 3Close up of nature cards depicting 3 birds: with text that says Eastern Bluebird
Product image 4Back packaging of the Peterson Bird Assortment, 4 small depictions of  two gold finch, 3 eastern orioles, 2 cardinals, and 3 eastern bluebirds
Product image 5Front of the Common Loon card packaging
Product image 6Back of the Common Loon assortment packaging, depicting a single loon on one card and 3 loons on the bottom card.
Product image 7Front packaging of the Seaside Dragonlet card.
Product image 8Back of the Dragonfly & Damselfly Assortment. Four small depictions of the assortment represented.
Product image 9Front of the Snowy Owl packaging with card showing through.
Product image 10Front of the Cardinal card packaging with two cardinals depicted on the cover card.
Product image 11Cover of the nature card packaging with Moose and Calf on the front
Product image 12Back of the Mammals Assortment of nature cards packaging with small depictions of a black bear, a fox, a deer and fawn and moose and calf.
Product image 13Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 14Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 15Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 16Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 17Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 18Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 19Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 20Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 21Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 22Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 23Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 24Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 25Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 26Blank Nature Note Cards
Product image 27Blank Nature Note Cards

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Beautiful bird and wildlife illustrations are featured on each of these blank note cards. They are great to have on hand for any occasion, to accompany a gift  or simply to share a handwritten hello with a friend.

Each set includes eight (8) 3.5″ x 5″ cards and envelopes. Some are assorted as indicated; others are 8 of the same image featured. Printed on recycled and recyclable paper. Choose from:

  • American Robin (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Bluebird Nest (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Bottlenose Dolphin (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Cardinal (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Chicken Assortment (vertical; 2 images)
  • Cottontail Rabbit (vertical; 1 image)
  • Daffodils (vertical; 1 image)
  • Dragonfly (horizontal; 4 images)
  • FreshwaterTurtle Assortment (horizontal; 2 images)
  • Frog & Toad Assortment (vertical; 4 images)
  • Loon (horizontal; 2 images)
  • Mammals (horizontal; 4 images--bear, deer, fox, moose)
  • Monarch Butterfly (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Peterson Bird Assortment (horizontal; 4 images--Bluebird, Cardinal, Gold Finch, Oriole)
  • Poppies (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Rhododendren (horizontal; 1 image)
  • Snowy Owl (vertical; 1 image)
  • Squirrel (vertical; 1 image)
  • Sunflower (vertical; 1 image)

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