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Breaking Trail by Peggy Lynn and Sandra Weber

Product image 1Green book cover of Breaking Trail with vintage photo in center of period women hiking with their packbaskets on their backs
Product image 2Diagonal of page 124 of the book Breaking Trail with a photo of Grace Hudowalski on Phelps Mountain and some of the text from the page

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The accomplishments of Adirondack women have remained unknown and unsung for far too long. But no longer, thanks to singer/songwriter Peggy Lynn and author Sandra Weber.  Peggy is writing and singing songs about Lydia and other adventurous Adirondack Women, proclaiming "Mountain women can be heroes,"  while Sandra has been digging through archives and recovering pieces of women's history.  Now Peggy and Sandra have joined forces to present the stories of remarkable Adirondack women in one dynamic book.  The women they flesh out displayed courage, intelligence, fortitude, and backcountry buffoonery.  Their stories will produce tears and smiles and provide a new perspective on Adirondack history.

10" x 7" x .5" 

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