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Ceramic Pendants from Sue Young

Product image 1Ceramic, oval pendant with 46er in bold black in center and a taupe glaze around it on top of white. The ceramic pendant sits on a faux birch paper package with the brown necklace twine seen coming out of the birch card.
Product image 2Circular white ceramic pendant with a red-eyed loon in the center. Set on faux-birch paper with the black necklace cord coming through.
Product image 3Both loon and 46er pendants pictured side by side on their package paper.

Regular price $14.99

Ceramic pendants from Adirondack artist Sue Young are beautifully crafted and come on an extra-long cord that can be adjusted as needed.

The Loon Pendant has a diameter of approximately 1.5" 

The 46er Pendant is an oval that measures approximately 1" 

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