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Cinnamon-Infused Maple Syrup

Product image 1Upright clear syrup bottle with small clear glass handle on the right. Black screw cap on top, Cinnamon Infused Maple Syrup Bechard's Sugar House label on 2/3 of the bottle with the picture  of a barn and maple trees with taps on them.
Product image 2Upright clear maple syrup bottle  seen from the back. The small clear glass handle on the left side. Black screw cap on top,  back label on 2/3 of the bottle includes Nutrition Facts

Regular price $19.99

New York's North Country is a source of some of the country's finest pure maple syrup. Our suppliers are always coming up with new ways to flavor this already delicious product.  This tasty syrup is infused with a cinnamon stick that can be seen through the glass jar. Add a burst of flavor to pancakes, waffles, French toast, oatmeal, crepes, ice cream, yogurt, even specialty beverages.

11 oz.

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