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Cookie Jars with Character

Product image 1Three cookie jars in their respective boxes: Pack basket (left) Owl (center; Campfire (right)
Product image 2Campfire cookie jar--brown ceramic log bottom, big orange-yellow ceramic base and top.
Product image 3Campfire cookie jar open to show white ceramic inside with triangular-like orange top resting on the right bottom.
Product image 4White Owl cookie jar with ceramic feathered base, round eyes, black oval nose and pointed ceramic ears.
Product image 5Owl cookie jar opened with owl head sitting to the right of the open bowl.
Product image 6Pack basket ceramic cookie car with faux-basket weave and brown straps.
Product image 7Packbasket cookie jar open with top set flat behind and right of open white inside jar.

Regular price $28.99

These fabulous cookie jars are great for camp or for any kitchen to help create an Adirondack camp atmosphere.

Each cookie jar has ample space for cookies and will fit nicely on a countertop. Each stands 10" tall with some variations on width and depth but generally 6" to 8".

The Campfire Cookie Jar is orange with yellow highlights on brown faux wood at $28.99

The Owl Cookie Jar is white with black features at $26.99

The Pack Basket Cookie Jar is the color of a pack basket with brown accents at $22.99

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