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New Maple Syrup Warmer from Adirondack Rockware

Product image 1Glass maple leaf syrup bottle with a gold twist top stands to the left of a two-piece maple syrup warmer. The bottom of the warmer holds a lit tea light seen through an oval opening in the ceramic bottom. Sitting atop this is a mini ceramic pitcher with a handle on the right side.
Product image 2Ceramic maple syrup warmer pictured separated with top and bottom next to each other on a white planked surface with a green background. The bottom of the ceramic warmer is on the left with the lit tea light showing through the oval opening on the bottom and light showing through the small circular opening on the top. The mini ceramic pitcher sits to the right of the bottom.

Regular price $44.95

Local ceramic artist Peter Shrope created a new maple syrup warmer exclusively for The Village Mercantile. This handmade little pitcher and its matching stand are the perfect and pure way to warm your maple syrup and keep it warm while the pancakes are cooking or cooling on your plate. When the syrup is cold out of the refrigerator, just pour it in this little pitcher, light the candle underneath and it will thin out in the warmer so you will use even less per serving. Warming takes approximately 20 minutes so make sure to pour your syrup before you start mixing the batter. 

Pitcher 3.5" tall, diameter 3"

Warming base 3" high; 3.25" diameter at the base

Syrups sold separately.

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