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Earrings from BJ's Adirondack Bits

Product image 1Black earring tree filled with silver pine cone and owl earrings with various colored glass and wood. Statue of a woman, girl and doll in period dress next to the earing tree.
Product image 2Top left  to right: silver pine cone earrings with gold and brown glass beads above; two pairs of silver owl earrings--one on left has aqua-blue glass beads above the owls, on right green glass beads above and below the owl. Below are dog paw glass earrings in pin, green, purple, blue, dark green, red (left to right).
Product image 3Blue dog paw earrings with blue glass bead and silver trim.
Product image 4Silver owl earrings with green glass beads above and below hanging on a black earring tree.
Product image 5Silver owl earrings lying flat with aqua glass bead and clear bead above the owl on silver hangers.
Product image 6Silver pine cone earrings hanging from black earring tree. Clear glass and blue glass above the earrings on silver hangers.
Product image 7Pink glass dog paw earrings lying flat with clear glass beads above them.

Regular price $34.99

Betty Jean Dufort, aka Elizabeth "BJ" Noreault, originally from Sararanc Lake, has created these charming earrings to be sold exclusively in her hometown by the Village Mercantile. We are proud to bring them to you both in our store on Main Street and here, in our ecommerce store.

The hooks are sterling silver and the earring ornaments are of various owls, pine cones, and colored glass paws.

We are pleased to offer the paw earrings as a partial contribution to our local animal shelter, the Tri-Lakes Humane Society. For every paw earring purchased, $5.00 will go to help the sheltered dogs and cats here in Saranac Lake.

The colors of paw earrings offered online are blue and pink but if you are interested in another color, please send us an email or give us a call.

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