Feel the Love Gnomies

Product image 1Single ice cream cone-topped gnome standing in a white background. Pink trim on hat has a pink apple attached. There are multi-colored sprinkles in the white beard. A pink body can be seen around the beard. White hands and deep pink feet.
Product image 2Tree gnome with a pointy bark-like hat trimmed with green leaves on a white background. White beard. A beige body can be seen around the beard. Green hands and brown feet.
Product image 3Owl gnome standing upright on a white background. A pointy white hat tipped with a white pompom and trimmed with beige band and furry eyebrows rest behind and above circular black glasses. This gnome has a brown variegated colored beard, beige body, and white hands (round bottom, no feet.)

Regular price $8.99

We love our Gnomes and we know you do too. That's why we now have these plush, pocket-sized cuties to purchase online (or in our retail store).

These themed "Gnomies" measure approx. 9" tall and are approx. 4" wide (hand to hand). 

Online selections include "Sweetie" the Ice Cream Gnome, "Ollie" the Owl Gnome, and   Oakley the Tree Gnome. 

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