Goat Yoga

Product image 1Goat Yoga Party Game cylinder container on its side. Aqua-colored with red type and 5 sample cards depicted.
Product image 2Cylindrical Goat Yoga container stands upright with the contents displayed. A Goat Yoga Party Game box, cards, 2 items lying flat with Goat Yoga logo on top and one scoring pad. Overshadowing all of this on the left is the inflated brown and white horned goat.
Product image 3Cylindrical Goat Yoga Party Game container standing upright with the back showing. Text describes how it works with 3 photos showing sample positions.

Regular price $21.99

Get ready for some unusual party fun with Goat Yoga - the game where you complete crazy yoga poses with an inflatable goat! Goat Yoga is the perfect way to loosen up your party guests. Literally. The game comes complete with crazy cards that detail your pose or activity, a score pad, and of course, an inflatable goat. The goal? Complete your goat pose in the most memorable way possible while keeping your inflatable companion in position. 

Contains 1 inflatable goat; 100 Challenge Cards; Score Pad; Pencil; and Rules.

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