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Niawen Black Ash Exfoliating Mask

Product image 1Circular container of Niawen Ski Care. White twist lid on over a clear jar with cream showing through. The Niawen logo is in the center with a colorful circle with gold feathers hanging below.
Product image 2Back of the Niawen skin cream jar with purple text explaining how to use the product and a list of ingredients.
Product image 3Inside of the jar of Niawen skin cream. A pale gray textured cream is shown with the lid off the jar.

Regular price $39.99

For all skin types.  Dramatically smooths fine lines and softens acne and other scars.  Softens dark spots, reduces enlarged pores, uncovers new skin.

At age 37 Tara Tarbell, a member of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy, was recovering from cancer.  "Niawen", meaning "thank you" or "to give thanks" was brought about partly by Tara's state of mind during her recovery, but also to fill a void she saw in conventional skincare: there were no products made for or by Native Americans.  So, Tara made a skincare line that incorporated her Mohawk roots.  Tara smudges every Niawen product before shipping it (think the Native American version of Kosher).  When you use Niawen products you're not only supporting a local, sustainable business, you're using formulas proven to work and experiencing a piece of ancient culture. 

2 fl. oz. 

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