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Nourish Under Eye Treatment from SallyeAnder

Product image 1Closed cylinder of Nourish Under eye treatment. White type of the black label, resting flat on its back on a white background.
Product image 2Black cylinder of Nourish--under eye treatment open with the natural color eye stick showing at the end of the container which is resting on the black cap. White text on the black wrap-around label.

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This balm was specially created for the skin under the eye which is very gentle and thin and therefore needs to be treated gently.

SallyeAnder uses no chemicals in their products and Nourish is no exception.

The best way to use this balm is after a shower when all of the pores are open. 

The balm is absorbed into the skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Orchid oil helps brighten the skin while meadowfoam oils keep puffiness at bay.

Use it in the morning or at bedtime.

2.75" tube.


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