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SallyeAnder Poison Ivy Soap

Product image 1Small brown bag standing upright with SallyeAnder red poison ivy soap label next to a square beige bar of soap standing by its side.
Product image 2Square bar of poison ivy soap close up--beige soap with texture specs showing on top and front side.

Regular price $8.99

Relieves itchy rashes from poison ivy, sumac, and oak, this soap is handmade and filled with organic oatmeal, pink clay, and essential oils of balsam and Amyris, in addition to SallyeAnder's signature olive oil blend. It is rich in glycerin so it won’t dry out your hands, body or clothes. It provides itch relief and is safe for the face, body and even children’s delicate skin. 

Ingredients: olive oil blend, organic oatmeal, pink clay, balsam, and Amyris essential oils

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