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RFID Powerbank Wallet

Product image 1Boxed package of the rfid powerbank wallet. White box with black type and color photos of phone and wallet.
Product image 2Cover of the closed rfid powerbank wallet. White background with small faceted glass circles spreading out from the left side.
Product image 3Closed over of the rfid wallet with cord plugged in to it and to a phone.
Product image 4Open rfid powerbank wallet with black accordion section exposed.

Regular price $9.99

For the person on-the-go...

RFID wallets protect your credit cards against digital information theft while the power bank feature of this wallet gives your device an extra boost when you are on the move.

Charge the power bank with the accompanying cable using any USB power source. Then charge your device wherever you are using its cable plugged into the power bank USB port.

Crystal case design.

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