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Puroma Camping Hammock with Hanging Straps

Product image 1Aqua blue and Columbia blue hammock spread open in center of frame. Below the hammock folded up in its blue sack. To the right of that two black braces  and far right orange and black straps coiled.
Product image 2Hammock packed in its Columbia blue and aqua blue sack leaning on its side with gold label partially showing in the back.

Regular price $29.99

After a good hike, cycle, or paddle, we all like to kick back and relax. But sometimes that's not so easy. That's why Puroma came up with these lightweight, easy-to-pack, tree-friendly hammocks.

According to the manufacturer, the adjustable strap design's suspension system ensures minimal impact on the environment.

Specifications: Material: 210T Nylon (as known as parachute fabric). Two Straps: Each 1 Inch wide(tree-friendly), 10 Feet long, Including 18+1 loops. 2 Steel Carabiners: 8x80mm.


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