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SallyeAnder Handmade Hypoallergenic Soaps

Product image 1Features SallyeAnder logo and text about the anti-bacterial soap.
Product image 29 bags with labels featuring 9 varieties of SallyeAnder soaps. Beige bags with colorful labels. Six bags standing upright in back; three lying flat in front.
Product image 3Pale yellow  square soap bar with blue marbled top.
Product image 4SallyeAnder Handmade Hypoallergenic Soaps
Product image 5Brown soap bar square with tiny off-white speckles.
Product image 6Brown soap square with lots of off-white and dark marble-like shaping on top and front side.
Product image 7Off-white square soap bar with orange speckles on top and front side.
Product image 8Off-white soap bar with gray specks on front side and gray and pale yellow specks on top.
Product image 9Off-white square soap bar with beige speckles on front side and top of bar.
Product image 10Yellow square soap bar with brown marble front side; top third yellow, back third shades of brown.
Product image 11Yellow soap square bar with dark blue marble on front side and top of bar.
Product image 12SallyeAnder Handmade Hypoallergenic Soaps

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SallyeAnder products are made of natural ingredients with the environment in mind. The soaps are 100% handmade and hypoallergenic. SallyeAnder promises to use pure, edible organic ingredients and the finest essential oils in their soap products.

And SallyeAnder soaps are naturally anti-bacterial.

Choose from 8 varieties of SallyeAnder Bar Soaps:

Almond Goat Milk--Ultra creamy and pampering, goat milk helps to reduce wrinkles and hydrate skin

Eucalyptus--toning, rejuvenating, and cooling, eucalyptus is therapeutic in both winter and summer seasons

Gardener's Hand--rich in glycerin to pamper hard-working hands

Hogwash--washes just about anything; perfect for mechanics, gardeners, and children

Lily of the Valley--sweet and light, this gentle bar helps replenish and brighten the face and body

Morning on the Lake--illuminates, tones and brightens; orange, jasmine and evergreen oils help refresh dry skin

Oatmeal--unscented and soothing for itchy and dry skin

Pumpkin Spice--clarifies, tones and strengthens; five-spice swirls gently exfoliate

Storm--refreshes, energizes and motivates; soothing for body aches

Soap bars measure approximately 2" square x 1.5" ; Net weight 5 oz.


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