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SallyeAnder "No-Bite-Me" Bug Repellent and After-Bite Soap

Product image 1Small brown bag with SallyeAnder No-Bite-Me label on front. Pictured is a child with chin in the air and fishing pole on shoulder. Black text on a green gingham pattern. Flat in front on the right side is a square bar of the soap. Beige with dark brown specs.
Product image 2Square bar of No Bite Me Soap. Beige bar with brown specs on the top and front side.

Regular price $9.99

This all-natural bug repellent soap is DEET-free and safe for kids. It is comfortable and easy to use as you would any other soap.

SallyeAnder's "No-Bite-Me" soap has 18 essential oils sure to keep away pesky bugs for 3 to 4 hours after use. It will also reduce the itching and swelling of any bites that may happen if you have stepped out unprepared.

This soap is perfect to use it in the morning before gardening, fishing, golfing, or before playtime in the yard or park.

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