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Turtle Tofu Press

Product image 1Cover of the Turtle Tofu Press box. Type is gray on white with a blue circle with white type: Removes excess water from tofu and a red vertical band on the side with white type: KIKKERLAND.  A photo of the product is in the middle of the box cover with four tofu cubes placed in front of it.
Product image 2Back of the Turtle Tofu Press box. Most type is in gray text on a white background except for the KIKKERLAND lettering which is white on a red vertical banner to the far right. The photo in the center is of the turtle press opened up with someone's hand with a whole block of tofu heading for the open box part of the press. There is also a black line art diagram in the bottom right corner.
Product image 3The turtle tofu press out of the box on a white background. The bottom is a rectangular wood block with an opening where a block of tofu is peaking through between the box bottom and the wood turtle lid. A light blue band holds it all together.

Regular price $24.99

How do you remove the water from your tofu before preparing it? This turtle can help. It is made from bamboo which is naturally antibacterial and comes with a silicone band. Just insert the tofu in the strainer, put the lid on and wrap the silicone band around the whole thing. In 20 minutes the tofu will be drained of excess water. 

This product is dishwasher safe and measures 8.9" x 6" x 2.6".

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